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Why do You Want a Metal Detector?

Metal detectors can be extremely useful when you have an objective. If you simply wish to have a metal detector, but don't know why or for what purpose; you might be making a mistake.

The objective of this article is to give you a "why" and when you know the why, then the how is much easier. Nevertheless; you must first find out what makes you want to find a hidden treasure and if it is worth it or not.

I have, myself, found a couple of very old coins buried outside of my garden. I, of course, lived in Norway for two years and that's where it all happened (my house was near a Viking settlement).

If you don't live in a place where it is plausible for such a treasure to exist, then buying a metal detector might be a waste of your time and money. For example, I have many friends who heard of my findings. They bought a metal detector without any prior investigation of the place and all they've found is clips. Of course you might get lucky and find something which has been buried there for many years - you might even change history! But that's extremely complicated and you should know this beforehand.

The place that you currently inhabit should be your major decisive factor. If you are currently living in a 200-year old house which was a farm before, you have a great chance of finding something valuable hidden underneath where you live. That, as far as I can tell; might be the best reason for one to get a good metal detector. If you simply want it for recreation purposes and to "see" if you will ever find something, I recommend reading my other articles.

Now it is time for you to meditate and think deeply about the following question:

Why do you want a metal detector?

Based on the answer of that question, you should decide by yourself whether it is the best way to go. Metal detectors can be very expensive so before even thinking about buying one, you must realize that it is most probable that you won't find anything. Who you are is a determining factor about this whole issue.

Metal detecting is pretty much like fishing - you must be patient to catch anything at all. If you are hyperactive or can't simply stand to wait many hours to find anything - or if you hate grass - or anything else which might affect you in a logical way; then probably you should look for another hobby as this might not be for you.

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