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White's Metal Detector

When browsing through a treasure hunting store, one often sees an enormous variety of metal detectors. Through experience, I have come to the conclusion that "White Metal Detectors", as they are often called, are very popular; nevertheless, model effectiveness and price may need a second look.

White Electronics is a huge company which sells metal detectors both online and offline. I would be very glad to say that their products are good, but sadly enough - that has not been my case. The first metal detector I bought from them almost a year ago I used to find small metals hidden in my backyard. All I found was a couple of coins (with no value) and nothing more. Two months later, I bought a metal detector for one of my sons who treasure hunted in the exact same place that I had previously attempted to find a treasure in - he found rings which had been buried there for years which were invisible for my seemingly "high quality" detector.

When I called White Electronics, their customer service was not capable of answering my questions. The metal detector I bought began to have some minor (and annoying!) problems such as having the monitor break from the detector itself for no appearant reason - so I had to glue it back in. I have, since then, not used that detector and it's now somewhere in my closet.

The bottom line is that White Electronics may be a good company, but my experience with them does not agree. Shop around, ask questions of other's experiences - check out the $ 100 detector from Radio Shack.


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