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In order to find a good treasure, you must know where to look first. I have personally found out that in Europe there is a vast amount of hidden treasures waiting to be found. My personal experience tells me that Scandinavia is host to thousands of undiscovered treasures.

Good places to look for a treasure may be near an old settlement or in an abandoned city or house. Never attempt to look for a treasure in a place which has never had any population inhabiting it.

America may also be a good place to look for treasures - especially in Mexico. I have a friend who lived in Mexico and found a hidden chest with some jewels - probably forgotten by the previous owner. Additionally, USA might be good if looked in obvious places (Civil War, Great Depression, etc.)

Some people have told me that Africa also has many treasures; I don't doubt it, but it seems very hard to find anything valuable there (I am not saying there isn't, but it is more mysterious down there). Of course, for a good treasure hunter, Egypt is a great place to look. Unfortunately, a metal detector won't do you any good unless you plan to walk through the desert carrying a metal detector (use your common sense).

Many people like to look for valuable objects after an important event to which many people attended (such as a ball game, tournament, etc.) - this is of course called treasure hunting as well.

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