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I have compiled a list of ten metal detecting tips to make your next treasure hunt an utter success. Make sure to read them and understand them.

1) Always check the weather. If it's going to rain or snow, you may want to postpone your treasure hunt as most metal detectors can be harmed by bad weather conditions.

2) What you wear must match the place you go. If you are going to Africa, wear good boots to prevent animal bites - I learnt this the hard way. On the other hand, if you are going to Scandinavia, wear something very warm even if it's summer - you will thank me.

3) Always bring lots of water to your treasure hunt. Dehydration is very frequent and canceling a seemingly successful treasure hunt because of lack of water is terrible. Remember that if you are going to a very arid place, you should not only bring a bottle of water; but 2 or 3.

4. Always bring extra batteries for your metal detector. It happened to me once that it ran out of batteries and I was therefore unable to continue my treasure hunt.

5. It is always better to find 25 pieces of garbage and one treasure than to find nothing. Make sure that your metal detector is as acute as possible for missing a good treasure might be disastrous.

6. Make sure to read all my articles to learn as much as possible before going on a treasure hunt. Never go without any knowledge.

7. If you are having a very good treasure hunt, finding many treasures and the alike; you might consider to stay in that place longer. Remember that treasure hunting is much about patience and if you want to go elsewhere while you are having good luck, chances are that you will only waste your time. Consider buying a tent and spending more time in that given place so that you can be sure that you got everything that could have been gotten off from it.

8. Always check the law. Some countries require that you give them a percentage of what you found.

9. Learn something from the movies! Never tell anyone where you are currently treasure-hunting. I have, through practice, noticed how treasure hunting is better done alone (or with someone you TRULY trust). Either way, never go and tell anyone about what you have found, nobody - not even the police, etc.

10. ALWAYS make a complete analysis of the place you are going to. Consult information, who inhabited the place, for how long, what you can aspire to find, if anyone has treasure-hunted there before, etc. There are enormous treasure-hunting guilds out there which you may join to make acquiring this information much easier. It is very important that if somebody has already treasure-hunted in a given place (which is likely if you are doing it in a popular spot), you skip it and go elsewhere.

Submitted Tips

Many tips have been submitted, and I am doing my best to include them all.

1) Never treasure hunt where someone else is already doing it - this applies both to water and land as if you find something good, you might find yourself in an unnecessary struggle.

2) A good treasure hunter knows when to stop. If you don't find anything in a given place in a considerable amount of time - move on.

3) Always buy a good metal detector - what you pay is what you get.

Remember that you may submit more tips by going to the "submit" link at the top. It is very important that you read these tips for you to have a better treasure hunt and make more out of it! Check back soon because this list will keep growing.

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