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Recent Metal Detector gold finds are inspiring to metal detector enthusiasts. Learn how and where these recent gold finds are taking place in the metal detector world.

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Recent Metal Detector Gold Finds:

Gold Metal Detector Finds: Mr Herbert, an unemployed man asks a local farmer if he can metal detect with his 14 year old metal detector on his farm property.

Surprisingly he uncovers an excess of 1500 pieces of metal treasure consisting of over 11 lbs of gold and 5.5lbs of Anglo-Saxon silver. The British Museum has set the value of the find at £3.285 million pounds or about 6.5 million US dollars. In the find dating around the seventeen hundreds are various warfare paraphernalia, sword pommel caps and hilt plates .. many inlaid with various precious stones ..More on this Gold Metal Detector Find..

Gold Metal Detector Finds: In 2007, David and Andrew Whelan, had been metal detecting for 5 years as a hobby.

While metal detecting in a Yorkshire, England field they uncovered a beautifully decorated Viking cup with coins in it. Turns out that the cup originated from France or Germany at around AD900.

The British Museum put a value on the hoard at £750,00 pounds or about 1.5 million US dollars. The Museum indicated the "find is remarkable .. an important find over the last 150 years in Britain" .. More on this Gold Metal Detector Find..

Gold Metal Detector Finds: US Explorers have discovered a 180 million dollar gold treasure.

The S.S. Republic shipwreck's gold was found off the U.S. coast. The S.S. Republic was a paddlewheel steamship which sank in the Atlantic in October 1865. It was in route to New Orleans, with a cargo of gold coins and supplies for the post Civil War times. In the find were gold coins, $20 and $10 pieces in beautiful condition, with over 750 gold coins recovered.

Gold finds included Coronet Head 20 Dollar Double Eagles and Coronet Head 10 Dollar Eagles with Silver Seated Liberty Half Dollars .. More on this Gold Metal Detector Find..

Slugget Gold Metal Detector Find: What do you do when you find a 3.5 kilogram, 7.75 pound gold nugget that you found in the Australian outback? Well of course you wrap it an old towel and search out the nearest gold metal detecting expert. The gold Slugget found in the Maryborough, Australia area, was a metre under ground and found using a GPX4000 Minelab metal detector. After twenty years of metal detecting this fellow found a 7.75 pound chunk of gold that at a thousand dollars an ounce comes out to around one hundred and twenty-five thousand US dollars. .. More on this Gold Metal Detector Find..

Photos of Gold Metal Detector Finds: After more gold metal detector research we have located a excellent photo display of of Mr Terry Herbert's metal detector find of the over 1500 pieces of treasure which consists of over 11 lbs of gold and 5.5lbs of Anglo-Saxon silver. Thanks to National Geographic coverage and photography of the gold finds you can view each gold piece individually and rotate the gold piece to see from all sides - note it takes a few moments to fully load all these gold treasures.. More on this Gold Metal Detector Find..

Gold Cross Metal Detector Find: UK Telegraph reports the discovery a pure gold cross dating from the 7th century. Valued around 25,000 or 40,000 US dollars. The 1,400-year-old cross was detected 12 inches beneath the sod on a farm in Nottinghamshire. The metal detector enthusiast notes that he focuses on raised ground because it is the best place to find treasure. Centuries ago the lower ground in the area was probably under water .. More on this Gold Metal Detector Find..


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