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Locating hidden and lost treasures with a metal detector is easier at the beach. Just scoop up the sand to locate your treasure. Great starting area for beginners and the experienced as the beach offers both land and water metal detecting opportunities.

Metal Detector Treasure Hunting

Setting out with your metal detector in the late afternoon, after the crowds have left can be a productive time. Check the most popular areas where people sun tan and play sports.

If going in the early morning, don't be surprised if a fellow hobbiest has worked the beach the night before, but don't worry there lots of beach and opportunity to located lost rings, coins and treasures.

Working the water can produce a few wedding rings finds. Swimmers with loose fitting rings get in the cooler water. Their fingers shrink a little and the water lubricates the fit resulting in a few swimmer rings to slip off into the murky waters. Even if they know their ring fell off, they are hard pressed to find it. This is an good reason to do some metal detecting in the water.

All the best in your search for lost and hidden treasure at the beach!

White's BeachHunter® ID

When you go combing the beach for hidden treasures, never leave this accessory at home for it is your best friend to pick up such objects whilst ignoring junk. You can do the hunting underwater as well as on the nice, sandy beach. Besides its highly attractive chrome colour, long pod for fast tracking, it also possesses light weight that enables the user to manage it with ease. Before you can say Bob's your uncle, it has already identified the target by means of the color-coded LEDs. Read more on White's BeachHunter® ID...

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