Metal Detectors in our Schools

The last place we ever though we would need to put metal detectors. But in this day and age, it would be remiss if you didnít expect them to be there. Kidsí bringing guns and knives to school is something beyond the thought of rationale. Back in the 50ís there were never any problems like this and even in the 80ís you never heard of a school shooting until Columbine.

If we had metal detectors in the schools then we could have protected the students from the two gunmen at Columbine. Unfortunately it takes one incident to make something like this mandatory. Metal detectors can save peoples lives.

Almost every school in the United States has a metal detector. Even a small pocketknife can be picked up. Metal detectors are made for both fun and for purposes like this one. They are only as good as they are being used. If the people who monitor these machines donít stop to fully explore the reason why they went off in the first place, then they arenít going to work.

There have been times when you are standing in line at the airport and people are complaining that the line isnít moving fast enough, well that happens in the schools too. Teachers mostly operates these machines as students pass through each day. Some of them may think that oneís a good student so let them pass but the truth is you never know what is going through someoneís mind. Checking everyone is the only way to ensure the metal detectors are a success.

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