Metal Detectors in the Military

Some people when they think of metal detectors is finding lost jewelry like they see on TV. People combing the beaches for buried treasure. But the reality is that metal detectors are used for more than just a hobby. Places like Federal buildings, Schools and Airports are just some of the common places that you will see detectors.

Even in branches of the Military have the metal detectors. They are commonplace in war zones and in countries that are being protected by our military. The main use for the detectors in the military is to help them locate guns and ammunition that soldiers may have buried so our forces could not find them.

It is very common in places like Iraq. The metal detectors may also be useful in locating landmines and other types of explosives that may be hidden underground. Metal detectors give the soldiers in the military an added security, they can see what is around them and above them but they canít see below them and this is where the metal detectors come in.

Not only to they protect the military but they also protect the civilians from the same fate.

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