Metal Detectors in the Courts

You understand the reason why there is a metal detector in the courts and federal buildings right? Well, unfortunately there are people that donít and those are the people who have tried to bring in all sorts of things into courthouses and federal buildings.

Granted a metal detector wonít stop a bomb or some other explosive from being detonated outside but the inside of the court is where security has to be at itís finest. The inmates are heavily guarded so the chance that they are bringing something into the court that is harmful is pretty low.

Have you been through a metal detector lately, now they wand peopleís shoes, because that is a likely place that you can hide something. It may take a lot longer to get through a detector but if something bad was to happen and it was prevented, then you would be glad for the delay.

Federal buildings have a tighter more scrutinized security, because Federal buildings always seem to be under attack. It is a government agency being attached rather than a court building, which are state owned. Next time you are in a federal building or a court building and the line to get in is long because of the metal detector, be patient a they can save your life.

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