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One important place to have a metal detector is the airports. Especially after September 11th, 2001. Airline security has to be tighter than ever. Sure, there screen checkers but nothing is accurate than a metal detector than finding a small metal box cutter or knife. In some airports there are many metal detectors placed throughout the airport and then in some airports there are only detectors when you first enter the airport.

Airports tend to be busy places and sometimes people slip through the security. Every person should be “ wanded” before they enter the airport, then again before they get on the plane to make sure that somewhere between the door and the boarding gate than nothing got passed the metal detectors.

Crime and terrorism happen on airplanes because the airlines are so busy and with people complaining of the lines, the staff at the airports gets lax and just put people through. It has been seen enough times that when the metal detector goes off, the employees upon seeing the line just let people through. That defeats the purpose of the metal detectors.

Airlines metal detectors are the defense before people board the planes, so if the metal detector aren’t going to be utilized in a positive fashion then anything can happen in the air and we don’t want another September 11, 2001.

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