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Many people consider treasure hunt to be a hobby. Nevertheless, others make it their full-time job. This was especially the case during older times when a thief could break into a pyramid and steal countless goods - of course, this has become more difficult until... metal detectors were invented.

Treasure hunting has become a hobby since metal detectors which is conspicuous in so many millions of metal detectors having been sold all around the globe. Every day thousands of treasures are discovered and this has become a great source of wealth for many - especially for those who know where to look.

There are many associations which share strategies about treasure hunting and where to find gold and other relics. Of course these might be good, but it is always to find a treasure alone because there are many stances of people being killed over a found treasure especially in third-world countries.

As time passes and as better metal detectors are invented, treasure hunt becomes more popular. In Asia, not many countries allow their citizens to keep treasures which has made it more difficult. However, some countries are beginning to show some tolerance because they know that, for example in China there are millions of buried relics which nobody has claimed and they could stay down there unless they are found by someone.

What keeps making treasure hunters want to look for treasures even more is their own religion. When Christian scrolls were found, thousands of treasure hunting fanatics began to look in Jerusalem for additional Christian scrolls or relics.

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