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Choosing the right metal detector depends enormously on your needs. If you simply wish to have some fun and use a metal detector as a hobby, I recommend you buy a very cheap one. The two major benefits of doing this are that you save money and cheaper metal detectors tend to be easier to use for the new user.

If you, however, are serious about finding treasures, I recommend that you make a very good initial purchase as making a wise choice when you buy it will not only save you countless times; but might even help you find more treasures!

Another factor which you must greatly consider is the place you inhabit. If the treasures you are looking for are more than (to your judgment) 50 centimeters deep; I recommend that you buy a professional metal detector.

If you are looking for something which was buried just a couple of years ago, then you can accomplish with a cheaper metal detector what you can accomplish with a much more expensive one.

Now it is time for us to discuss the main reason why people purchase cheap metal detectors: money. Metal detectors tend to go, on average, anywhere from $100 to $600. Of course very professional detectors with a very advanced technology and software may go as high as a few thousand dollars and sometimes even more.

$100 metal detectors are very suitable for kids as they are simple to use and they may get lucky and find something. If you are even partially serious about treasure hunting, I recommend a metal detector in the $400-$700 range as those have seemed to work perfectly for me in the past.

The brand you choose is also very important - even if it's a bit more expensive, go with the best. The one metal detector brand I like the best is Tesoro. I strongly recommend Tesoro.  Tesoro's have a lifetime guarantee and I haven't had any problems with any of Tesoro's products.

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