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Anyone can use a gold metal detector to search for lost gold treasure. Nevertheless, it helps to read the metal detector experiences of other people who have had successful gold finds. It’s very often that these folks can shed light on their metal detector adventures and inform readers about different tricks and locations which have proven to be very profitable. That’s where lost gold treasure magazines and their gold metal detector tips, stories and articles come in handy.

What are some of the most informative gold lost treasure magazines, you’re probably asking yourself. Well, there are quite a few. However, one of the most widely known publications which high lights exotic locations and extensive history of lost treasures is National Geographic. Of course, not all of their content is dedicated to lost gold treasure. Many of their issues utilize metal detectors for found treasures and locate lost gold treasures from an era gone by.

Just recently, they had a story about lost gold treasure that was found on the S.S Republic which sank in 1865. You may not be searching for gold and lost treasure at this level but it builds hope and makes interesting reading when a National Geographic gold treasure article reads “Shipwreck Gold Found off U.S.—Worth $180,000,000?” – that is 180 million!

There are lost gold treasure magazines which can be found online. Take for instance Lost Treasure USA, which maps out prosperous metal detecting locations for gold, lost treasure and shares informative industry news.

Additionally, there’s a print magazine called Lost Treasure which is published monthly and shares the experiences of lost gold treasure hunters and their exciting finds of gold coins, gold relics, and mysterious priceless objects.

If you’re unable to find this gold lost treasure magazine in your local store, it can be purchased from Magazine Direct. Unfortunately, it may be only available to treasure hunters in the United States. This is very much the same for Gold Prospectors Magazine, which is another fantastic publication dedicated to finding gold lost treasure in North America. If you do not have a US address, you may be unable to obtain a subscription to either of these magazines.

Despite this, many of gold metal detector magazines excerpts, gold metal detector news and articles can be found online.

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