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Fishers Gold Metal Detector Email Inquiry!

In response to your email requesting a price on the Fishers Gold Metal Detector, here’s some information which you can use.

3 types suggested are:
- The Fisher Fold Bug-2 – price range $850 - $880
- F75 Metal Detector
- F5 Metal Detector 1470

Spoke with Fisher Labs Sales Department and they suggest a local dealer called Sweet Dreams of Nova Scotia, tel # 902-678-7264 carry these products.  Their website also mentions D & D Metal Detectors of Berwick, NS, tel. # 538-1470.

Trust this information will be helpful to you. MetalDetectorsGold.com


Metal Detectors Distributors in the USA for Fisher Gold metal detectors are:

East coast – NY
Upstate Detectors – 518-393-0624

East Coast - Florida
Alleyco 1-800-327-9697

Mid west – Minneapolis

Trans Mississippi – Texas


Metal Detectors Distributors in Canada for Fisher Gold metal detectors are:

NS – Sweet Dreams 902-678-7264
BC – Diversified Electronics 1-604-421-1234
ONT - Canadian Treasure Seekers 1-800-965-8470


For dealer inquiries contact:

Mike Scott
Director of Hobby Sales
1465-H Henry Brennan
El Paso, TX 79936, USA
Tel: 915-667-2225

Fisher Labs
1465-H Henry Brennan
El Paso, TX 79936
ph. 915-225-0333


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